Up the paths, down the avenues

Explore the woods and heathland on foot, by bicycle or on horseback!

In Heeze, you can enjoy several hiking trails through the forests and past historical monuments, such as Heeze Castle. Cyclists can also enjoy the beautiful landscape and the various bicycle routes that pass through the village.

Leende is best known for its extensive nature and the Leenderbos, which is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists. The village also offers several trails for horseback riders to enjoy.

Sterksel is a small village best known for its quiet surroundings and beautiful rural areas. There are several cycling and hiking routes available to explore the beautiful countryside of Sterksel. For horse lovers, several bridle paths are also available.

Leenderstrijp is a picturesque village with a rich history and numerous historical monuments and buildings. The village is situated amidst a beautiful landscape and offers several hiking and cycling routes to explore the area. For horse lovers, there are also several bridle paths available to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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Poem tables: savour the poem

At as many as 20 locations in municipality Heeze-Leende you will find poetry tables. On each table are two poems, appropriate to the location; one by an adult and one by a child. This provides space for masterpieces and adds an extra dimension to the already beautiful surroundings.

There are several cycling and walking routes that take you past these tables of poems and other masterpieces in Heeze-Leende.

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